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Time builds Experience

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Experiences builds Quality

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Quality builds Reliability

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About TBY

Founded in 1981 in Taiwan with the first research project developing the anti-static vinyl cleaning brush. Since then we have continually developed more cleaning products for use with electronic and audio devices. In 1993, we set up our China factory in Guangdong, China.


For 30 years, with the progress of time and the development of electronic products, we have strived to develop and test products to meet the different cleaning requirements of electronic products. We have also sought to create products that are environmentally friendly and maintain electronics for longer, so as to enhance our consumers’ experience and protect the environment.


We create some of the highest quality cleaning products, which are used by some of the largest electronic brands in the World. We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of our products and increasing our range through pioneering new products. By doing this we aspire to be the leader in high-quality and innovative cleaning and maintenance products.

New Products


Target Service

Our company offers various partnership models to provide you with a comprehensive ordering and product experience.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

For over 40+ years TBY has been supporting and developing new products for OEM projects to major companies all over the world. Our team of research and development experts constantly come up with eye catching designs and value worthy products. We don’t just design products, we make sure our customer gets all the support needed to display and sell at its best form.

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

Over the years, due to our great OEM reputations, we’ve also taken on more ODM projects. Our long standing history in the same business over time, we’ve collected much knowledge which allows us to give informative design advice to insure successful functionality and final production.

The Factory

"With our well-equipped facilities and skilled production team, we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing. This enables us to provide optimal service for you, ensuring a top-notch experience. In total, we have everything you need to get the job done right."

Our Factory

We Take Pride in Our Numbers